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Teenagers Under Pressure

So, let me start by saying I specialized in marriage and family therapy because I had (and still have) a passion for saving marriages. I feel as though it is the foundation for the family system to have a fighting chance. Not once through my schooling did I consider...

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How to find a therapist

How to find a therapist After I wrote my last post on relationships I was confronted more than once that week on the frustrations of finding a therapist (one more thing I can totally relate to!). When I was going through my schooling to become a therapist one of the...

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In order to become a therapist in North Carolina you must obtain your Masters and then take a state test to receive your license. Both of those things required attending classes, writing papers, studying all of the theories, taking tests to prove your efficiency, etc....

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I am Good Enough

Imagine how surprised I was when I open the letter from the university and saw the words, “Congratulations, you have been accepted into the Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s program!”

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